• Weekly classroom participation grades are located in PowerSchool.  Participation grades reflect the individual student's effort to fully  participate in class, contribute in a positive manner to classroom learning, follow directions (both verbal, non-verbal, and written,) and master specific grade-level skills.  Music involves the entire body in communication and listening. 

    In music class, great musicians do the following: 

    *carefully watch and follow the conductor (and fellow ensemble members when asked to perform in small groups.)

    *sing alone and with others appropriately with musicality.

    *move appropriately and expressively in response to music.

    *appropriately perform speech alone and with other musicians.

    *play instruments with proper technique while showing proper care for the instrument.


    Here is a link to the Memphis Shelby County Schools Music Proficiency Charts, which outlines yearly expectations by grade level:

    LINK: Proficiency Charts and Yearly Expectations 


    MUSIC Classroom Expectations

    M- Make good choices and follow directions.

    U-  Use instruments and classroom materials with permission and respect.

    S- Sing and speak in the right way at the right time.

    I-  Involve yourself (participate) appropriately in all classroom activities, doing your best at all times.

    C- Care for others, your classroom, and your school environment.



    Skills listed under Skills and Behaviors that Support Learning will be marked using the following key:

    S indicates satisfactory

    N indicates improvement needed

    U indicates unsatisfactory performance

    Skills and Behaviors that Support Learning

                    All skills in this section will be evaluated each nine weeks beginning with the first marking period.




    Works and plays cooperatively


    Takes turns

    Works in a group

    Follow directions

    Follows teacher’s instructions

    Respects authority

    Exhibits positive attitude while complying with

    teacher requests


    Controls talking

    Uses appropriate tone and volume

    Raises hand to speak without interrupting

    Listens attentively

    Remains focused

    Exhibits increasing attention span

    Finishes work on time

    Completes work at an acceptable pace

    Works independently

    Initiates and sustains work with limited assistance

    Puts forth best effort

    Works up to individual potential


    Stays on task

    Stays focused on an activity

    Develops persistence towards task completion

    Keeps hands/feet/objects to self

    Respects personal space of others

    Takes responsibility for supplies and belongings

    Keeps up with supplies

    Cares for personal items

    Returns notes, folders, etc. from home

    Exercises control in classroom/hall/ bathroom/cafeteria/playground

    Follows rules for each area