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Miss Jenny Sims

Welcome to 1st Grade!

       My name is Jenny Sims & this is my 6th year teaching.  I have been lucky enough to teach at Richland all 6 years. I am blessed to have found out what my passion was at an early age & it is definetly teaching! I student taught here at Richland during the 2015-2016 school year in 2nd grade. 1st grade is such a fun grade & students learn/grow so much. I am a member of Richland's Instructional Leadership Team. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, Kyle and my family. I am expecting my 1st child in December! I have 1 dog, a blue pitbull named Millie.

- I received my Bachelor's from University of Memphis. My degree was Teaching All Learners (I am licensed in General Education K-6th & Special Education K-12th)
- I received my Master's in Autism Spectrum Disorders from Grand Canyon University.

Restaurants (Amerigo's, Chick-Fil-A, Lenny's)
Color (Purple)
Place to Shop (Amazon, Walmart, Target)
Drink (Coke Icee's, Sweet Tea, Blue Powerade, Sprite)
Snacks (Funyuns, Pretzels)
Sweets (Sour Punch Straws, Gushers, Chocolate)
Flower (Any potted plants)
Animal (Do mermaids count?!)

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