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    Let’s Spring Forward-It’s March Madness! As we approach the madness of the testing season, let us spring forward into ensuring all students have the opportunity to experience success! Testing season is always a critical time in the field of education. It is a time for organization, preparation, and dedication. To begin, organization calls for “planning” the task(s) of aggregating student data. By doing so, you organize your classroom activities and practices to correlate with the needs of your students’ data-driven instruction. Preparation calls for “setting up” your classroom environment so that it is conducive to teaching and learning; as Harry Wong would say, “work ready, room ready, teacher ready.”  Lastly, dedication calls for being “consistent” in your actions. Contribute and commit your time to make sure individual students organize and prepare to take on any and all tasks that set before them. Again, spring forward into dedicating your time and effort into guaranteeing our students and our school MAKE IT COUNT!  - Dr. Green

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    We would like to give a HUGE shout out to our SUPERSTAR teachers who were nominated on the month of FEBRUARY for the following:

    • Mr. Conyers– Exemplary Classroom Set Up
    • Mrs. Bougard– Best Rapport with the Students 
    • Dr. Bussell– Excellent Classroom Management
    • Dr. Parker– Friendliest Teacher
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