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  • Public Health Crisis Address from the Principal:

    Dear Parents,

    Good evening, I pray all is well. I just wanted to remind you that lunch is available to students this week, every day, from 11am to 1 p.m. in various locations throughout the city. SCS Education Packets are also available. Please refer to scsk12.org for locations and district updates. Also, see our websites, Instagram, and twitter pages for regular updates. We know you have so many unanswered questions, but I promise you we are working diligently to get answers to all of your questions during these unchartered and unprecedented times. Our nation, state, and local government, along with SCS are engaged in these difficult times, but I remain faithful and assured that we will get through this together and we will make sure our students succeed and have everything they need.

    Rest assured any monies given to the school will be refunded at the appropriate times if indeed these activities have been cancelled during this unprecedented public health crisis. Thank you so much for choosing Overton High. I will be in touch again soon. Be safe and remain healthy. RRW

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  • Final High School Grading Policy

    In accordance with Board policy, Shelby County Schools' (SCS) grading system for high school courses adheres to the Tennessee Uniform Grading System, other state laws and regulations concerning grading, and grade inclusion standards required by the State of Tennessee student assessment system. Academic grades are determined by students’ mastery of content in each subject using varied assessment strategies.  
    The District believes that providing academic grades is important to ensure that students and parents receive information regularly about student academic progress to facilitate learning and parent engagement. This grading protocol, aligned with Board policy, sets forth district-wide standards for grading students in grades 9-12 and provides a foundation for consistent grading practices from teacher to teacher and school to school within the district. Additionally, this protocol is intended to support, not duplicate, policy requirements and should be reviewed in conjunction with applicable district policies, including 5005- Advanced Courses and 5015 Grading System for Grades 6-12 to ensure compliance with Board policy.

    The District believes that a sufficient number of grades should be earned and recorded to accurately reflect a student’s progress. Students in grades 9-12 must be provided an opportunity to earn at least 17 grades per nine-weeks (quarter) distributed among the following categories with the following weights. With the exception of projects, portfolios, and presentations, two grades for each required category (totaling eight grades) must be earned and recorded by the interim of the nine-week period.
    Homework: 10% (min. of 4 grades)
    Class Participation: 5% (min. of 4 grades)
    Classwork: 35% (min. of 4 grades)
    Projects/Portfolios/Presentations: 10% (min. of 1 grade)
    Assessments: 40% (min. of 4 grades)
    Note: Semester grades are determined by counting the two quarter grades as 85% and the semester examination as 15%.
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