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    ALL missing work will remain a 0 until makeup work is properly completed. 

    All makeup work must be stapled with properly completed Request form.

    English teachers can provide a printed version of the form.

    Thank You!


    Click the links below for instructions on how to complete make up work.

  • Memphis-Shelby County Schools Make-up Work Policy Policy #6014

    In the event of an excused absence, students are expected to make up work missed within a reasonable time.

    In the event of an unexcused absence, one day of makeup time shall be allowed for each day of unexcused absence, if the following conditions are met. The parent of a student or a student with an unexcused absence must submit a written request to the teacher to makeup the work and must participate in an appropriate intervention (e.g., student or parent conference with the teacher, Saturday school, online tutorial, other appropriate intervention determined and scheduled by the teacher).

    For absences due to long-term suspension (over 10 days)/expulsion, the program of making up work shall be in accordance with state law.