Ukulele Ensemble (4th-5th Grade)

  • Ukulele ensemble auditions for incoming 4th and 5th graders will take place Monday, October 23rd, after school (3:15 PM - 4:15 PM.)  

    Students are presently learning all the materials necessary to have success auditioning with their peers later this semester. 

    Link: Richland Ukulele Ensemble Audition Materials

    Auditions will be organized into small groups of 8-10 students. Solos are strictly optional.   

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  • The Richland Ukulele Club is an auditioned group of 25 students from our 4th and 5th grade classes.  Ukulele Club meets once weekly. 

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  • 4th/5th Grade Ukulele Club Auditions

    *Monday, October 23rd


    *Ms. Jackson's music room.

    *Auditions are conducted in small groups. 

    *Pick-up will be at the front entrance doors.

    *Students wishing to audition should complete the top portion of the audition scoresheet (pictured below this announcement.) 

    *Google Slide Link to Audition Materials: Audition Materials and Process


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Ukulele Practice Links

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Tips for Purchasing a Ukulele

  • At Richland Elementary, we have a classroom set of soprano ukuleles for music classes and ukulele clinics.

    If you are interested in purchasing a ukulele for your child to practice at home, here are some pointers for purchasing a quality beginner instrument. 

    1) Amazon purchases: carefully read reviews and return policies.  Be mindful, manufacturing standards can quickly change with lesser-known brands.  

    2) Try to purchase a well-known brand.  Here are some suggestions for soprano ukuleles with approximate price points.  Larger concert and tenor-sized ukuleles add approximately $20 to the base-line price of soprano ukuleles.

    3) Remember, the most important considerations for a beginner's instrument are: a pleasing tone quality, the instrument's ability to stay in tune, and durability.

    Shopping Links

    Makala Soprano Ukuleles  (variety of colors, stays in tune, pleasant tone, and durable.)

    Link: Makala Soprano

    Link: Makala Soprano Shark (West Music)

    Link: Makala Soprano Shark (Amazon)

    Link: Makala Soprano Dolphin (West Music)

    Link: Makala Soprano Dolphin (Amazon)

    More affordable options

    Link: Amazon Hola Soprano (w/ padded bag & accessories) 

    Link: Hola Soprano Uke with carrying sack and accessories

    Link: Donner Concert Ukulele

    Link: Westwood Soprano  This is the West Music Brand. Makala brand is more durable, but this instrument (Westwood) has a pleasing sound, stays in tune, and includes buttons for a strap. 

    Affordable "Outdoor Style" Ukuleles

    Link:Kala Waterman (around $45+)

    Additional Quality Brands





    We welcome additional suggestions to add to this list!

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