• !Bienvenidos a mi clase, estudiantes y familias! 

    Update 9/28/2023: HAPPY HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH! We are celebrating our diversity and learning about the contributions of so many HIspanic people! We are also learning to talk about our FAMILY! 

    Update 9/7/2023: We have been practicing our colors and greetings, and we are adding new ways to tell how we are feelingh! We are practicing by identifying the feelings based on emojis or pictures of people and animals! We even learned "If you're happy and you know it" in Spanish and a new Colors song.

    This week in Spanish, we are learning Spanish class expectations and procedures, simple commands, colors and greetings. We are using some songs to practice greetings and replaying a couple of favorite songs and dances from last year. We are sharing about ourselves with our friends new to Richland this year!  If your child is in KK or new this year, please do not worry if they haven't had Spanish before. We are a beginning class! Don't worry about Spanish homework for now! You can always practice online if you like or watch programming, stories, or read- alouds in Spanish. Hearing and using it in the real world is the best practice! Also, if your child is an emerging reader, please don't worry that a new language might interfere...many years of studies in education have shown that foreign languages enhance literacy in early childhood. That is the main reason this program is in place!


    Welcome to Literacy Enrichment 3-5 with Ms. Okeon!

    Update 9/7/2023: We have been studying the poetry, songs, and books of Shel Silverstein. We are also working on writing "I AM" poems and identifying goals and obstacles as well as solutions. We have been discussing how Perspective is such a powerful tool in helping us in life.


    This week, we have been working on a reading selection about Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who has overcome so many obstacles. We are discussing goals and overcoming obstacles. We will continue this study with more reading selections and writing about personal obstacles and goals. I am working with your children's core teachers to address individual needs in ELA fluency. Please feel free to let me know if you have any concerns!