Math info

  • Dear Parents,
                Welcome to 4th grade!  My name is Laura Koch, and I will be your child’s math teacher this year.  I wanted to give you some basic information that will make the school year go by smoothly. 

    • My email address:  *This is the easiest way to communicate with me.  Feel free to email anytime.  I will respond within 48 hours, but usually sooner.   
    • *I update my  webpage weekly.  I aim to have the following week’s plans on the site by Friday afternoon for those students who like to get ahead. 
    • YouTube: “Mr. Kung has problems” is a great resource for homework help.
    • We use a clear plastic sheet protector AND an Expo marker on a DAILY basis.  PLEASE always make sure that your child has a working Expo marker and a clear sheet protector.  These are the ESSENTIAL, NON-NEGOTIABLE supplies needed in this class everyday.
    • I assign math homework pretty much every night, but Friday.  Please work with your child if possible.
    • I try my best to send home between 1-2 extra credit assignments each quarter.  I grade extra credit for accuracy and will then determine how to add extra points to averages.   I will NOT accept any extra credit that is turned in late.  I will also NOT accept extra credit from students who have several outstanding assignments. 
    • STUDY GUIDES:  I ALWAYS send home a study guide several days before an assessment.  Studying is a relatively new habit for 4th graders.  Please make sure you work together at home to build good studying habits.  Because I send home study guides that are very similar to the actual test, I will not accept corrections to assessments or allow retakes. 
    • Math Facts: Timed multiplication quizzes are taken every Friday.  (2 min.)
    • Check PowerSchool often to check your child’s average.  I will send home graded papers via Wednesday work folders.   However, students can sometimes forget work folders at school or papers get misplaced in transit from school to home.  PowerSchool is a great back up!