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    TOPS - White, maroon, black or gray polo shirt with collar. Craigmont shirt with Craigmont organization, athletic sport, club or with the Craigmont Crest.


    BOTTOMS - Navy blue, black or khaki pants. Black or Blue jeans can ONLY be worn with a Craigmont shirt or uniform shirt. leans can have patches, tears, rips or holes in them (AS LONG AS THERE IS NO SKIN SHOWING):.Black, gray or maroon sweatpants or Craigmont sweatpants (basketball warmups, track, etc.) can ONLY be worn with a Craigmont shirt or a uniform shirt. Knee-length shorts or basketball shorts - colors must be maroon, black, gray, navy blue or khaki.


    Outerwear- Sweaters, pullovers and lightweight jackets may be worn BUT must not reference drugs, alcohol, profanity or sexual images. Jackets with hoods can be worn but the hoods cannot be worn around the school.


    Head apparel (i.e., hoods, caps, hats, scarves - that cover the entire head - bandanas) cannot be worn inside the building including hallways, classrooms, cafeteria, auditorium, and gymnasiums except for religious or medical reasons as

    acknowledged and approved by the principal. No hoods of any kind can be worn on the heads of our students at any time during the school day.


    Footwear is required and must be safe and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor physical activity. Sandals must have straps {NO flip-flops} Prohibited:. Flip flops, extremely high-heeled shoes, stilettos or pool shoes.


    LIST OF PROHIBITED ITEMS (not specified above): Large, long, or heavy chains, studded or chained accessories, sunglasses (unless medically directed), sleepwear, pajamas, house slippers/shoes or blankets, and extremely high or stiletto heels. No gold or silver teeth grills can be worn to Craigmont High School.


    NOTE: The school administration reserves the right to determine whether a student's attire is decent, safe, and appropriate (non-distracting).

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  • Please click the link to watch our fight-free launch.

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  • 3 Key Checks

    To ensure that Memphis-Shelby County Schools continues trending up, we need all families to join us in this work by conducting 3 Key Checks every night and every morning as you prepare your students for school.

    3 Key checks. 1. check homework 2. check backpacks. 3 check devices    3 Revisiones importantes. 1. revise la tarea. 2 revise las mochilas. 3. revise los dispositivos

    Our security team, teachers, and staff are all part of your student’s village, and they’re doing their part to keep our schools safe and our classrooms thriving. But that work has to start even before students walk through the school doors.

    So remember, before they walk out of your doors and into ours, make sure you do the 3 Key Checks: Check their homework, devices charged, and backpacks (charger in backpacks), so that you can stay keyed into your student’s world.

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    The Industry 4.0 Diploma Distinction is an accolade added to a qualifying student's high school transcript and diploma. This distinction enhances a path for students to pursue careers in high-need, high-skill industries after graduation. 

    Learn more about the Industry 4.0 Diploma Distinction.

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