The Best Educational STEAM Practices 

    We monitor and evaluate the latest educational research so that the faculty and administration continue their professional development. We maintain a curriculum that flows seamlessly from grade to grade across all disciplines. 


    Elective STEAM Courses 

    All STEAM TEIs will complete an elective course that is developmentally appropriate and engaging. In a blended learning environment, TEIs will explore concepts using online access to STEM curriculum and then have the opportunity to complete hands on laboratory exercises during the traditional class period as well as in extended lab sessions. 




    STEAM Academy TEIs will have access to state-of the-art learning tools and resources. Digital and web-based learning will be integrated into classroom instruction, and TEIs will complete performance-based assessments to ensure that they retain knowledge and can apply it to practical, real-world situations.  STEAM students will be expected to participate in STEAM-area competitions, such as Robotics, Engineering, and Technology. TEIs will also have the opportunity to participate in effective student-focused STEAM activities and clubs during and after school, including Science, Engineering, Communications, Mathematics Enhancement Program (SECME), the Tennessee Technology Student Association, and the Lego League Robotics. TEIs will visit college campuses and job sites regularly, and participate in various excursions to facilitate readiness for post-secondary studies in the STEAM discipline.