Gabriela Toro

Principal Gabriela Toro

  • Ms. Toro knows firsthand what it is like to attend school in a new country. As a young child, Ms. Toro moved to Memphis from Venezuela. She began school without knowing any English. Ms. Toro has come a long way to lead the work of Newcomer International Center (NIC). Ms. Toro served as a Spanish teacher, an advisor for the World Languages Department, and as an assistant principal. Her greatest hope is to prepare NIC students for work and future education. She works closely with her staff and community partners to ensure that all students learn and are connected to the resources they need to thrive in the USA. Ms. Toro is known for her generosity and availability to help students and their families. NIC celebrates the fact that Ms. Toro is MSCS's first Hispanic principal. In her free time, Ms. Toro is a devoted wife and mother. She enjoys traveling, cooking, and music.