Tennessee Graduation Requirements

  • Tennessee Graduation Requirements

Grading and Attendance Online

  • Report cards are distributed to the students at the end of every reporting period.

    Parents can access grades and attendance online, 24-7 on  “Parent Power School.” 

    You can download a free smartphone app to easily access your child’s grades. Just search PowerSchool in your smartphone’s web store to download today!


Parent / Teacher Communication

  • If a student is experiencing a problem in a course, the best solutions result from direct communication between the parent, student, and teacher. Please call or e-mail the instructor with your concerns and allow at least 24 to 48 hours for a response. 

    E-mail addresses can be found through the “Meet Our Teachers” section on the school website at https://schools.scsk12.org/Page/2805 under “About Us.”  You may also arrange for a conference with a guidance counselor and your student’s teachers by contacting your child’s guidance counselor to schedule an appointment.

Grading Scale

Weighted and Unweighted Grade Point Average(GPA)

  • Weighted and Unweighted Grade Point Average(GPA)

  • Promotional Criteria & Grade Classification

Honors Diploma

  • Honors Diplomas