• "The Junior Year of High School is Pivotal.” Hopefully, this page will help students navigate through important test and critical decisions.
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  • Learn more about the ACT


    ACT  - The ACT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions.  The purpose of the ACT test is to measure a high school student's readiness for college.

    • Max. Score: 36
    • ACT Length: 2 hrs, 55 minutes
    • Avg. Score: 21 - Hope Scholarship Eligible
    • Tennessee Graduation Requirement
    • State Exam - Free  - Fall for Seniors and Spring for Juniors
    • National Test - Cost $ - Given multiple times a year
  • Learn more about the SAT


    PSAT - The Preliminary SAT, also known as the PSAT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test).  You can only take the PSAT once per year. 9th and 10th grade is practice for 11th grade. The 11th test provides eligibility to qualify as a National Merit Finalist.  The highest score possible on the PSAT is 1520.

    • Advance Placement Course Enrollment

2022-23 ACT Testing Dates


    • With achieved Benchmark scores, students are awarded an Honors Diploma recognition.
    • Achieved Benchmark score in Math, gives students the option to choose between math or science courses for senior year. 
    • Achieved Benchmark scores are used for Advance Placement and Dual Enrollment eligibility.
    • Students should shoot for at least a composite score of 21. 
    • A score of 21 offers eligibility for the HOPE Scholarship. 

Free ACT/SAT Prep and Resources

Free ACT Official Online Test

  • Log in or set up an account at MyACT: https://my.act.org/. Click on Tests & Prep in the upper left corner, and then ACT Free Online Tests.

    1. Full length practice test for each subject.
    2. You can choose whether to take the test timed or untimed.
    3. Personalized resources for each wrong answer.
    4. Can retake the test.
    5. Click Here For more free ACT Test Prep.

    Here is a 1-minute video of the above supplied by ACT, Inc.

Free ACT Tutoring Zoom Sessions


    • Free sessions on Zoom every Wednesday from 6-8 pm 
    • Offered by St. Mary's Episcopal School in Memphis
    • Sessions are practice-based and not lecture-based.  We believe that students learn better by working actively together.
    • Students may attend as many Wednesday sessions as they would like and stay in the session for as long as possible.
    • Students can focus on any individual or combination of the ACT sections during each session.
    • All tutors have near-perfect or perfect ACT scores.  More importantly, they are kind, patient, and eager to help their peers.
    • Click below to join!

ACT Prep through Grade Results

  • ACT Prep through Grade Results is FREE and AVAILABLE to EVERY high school student in Memphis-Shelby County Schools!

    Here's how to get started:
    • Go to Clever.com
    • Go to Student Login - follow the prompts
      • Username: (student ID/Lunch number)
      • Password:  (password1)
    • Scroll down to "test Prep" and click on Grade Results
    • Scroll down Grade Results to the courses.
    • Click “Start” next to the ACT Prep course.
    • You will begin the course with a “Course Pretest,” which will determine what skills and activities will be most beneficial to you.

    After you complete the pretest, you can begin working on the activities that are available to you. You do not have to complete the entire pretest in one sitting. You can work at your own pace and in any order you or your teacher decide. ​



Credit Review

  • Steps to check your credits:

    • Go to Power School
    • Select Grade History
    • Select the school year on the toolbar.
    • Scroll down to the 1st and 2nd semesters. There you can view the credits and grades you have earned each school year.
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