Physical Education

  • Physical Education Class

    Students attend weekly physical educaiton classes led by a certified physical education teacher and assistant. During these classes, students get to participate in games, interact with adaptive physical education equipment, and participate in activities that improve their strength, endurance, coordination, and gross motor skills. 

    Adaptive Aquatic Progam

    Students enjoy new freedom of movement in the Adaptive Aquatic Program where the water hovers around 92 degrees Fahrenheit. Let by a certified Water Safety Instructor who has a certificate in special education, students benefit by improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination. Students experience a new freedom of movement in a gravity free environment. The student's safety is our first priority, but fund is that main objective of this program.


    Shrine school has a basketball team for our high school students that uses adaptive equipment specific to our students' needs.  We play other schools and community members during home and away games.