• Required Summer Assignments for Optional Students

    See below for required summer reading for students in our Enriched Academics Optional Schools Program. 

  • Rising 1st Grade Optional

  • Rising Fourth Grade Optional

  • Rising Second Grade Optional

  • Rising Fifth Grade Optional

  • Rising Third Grade Optional

  • Summer Reading for All Rising Second Grade Students

  • Summer Reading Assignments for All Other Students at Grahamwood Elementary

    See below for recommended summer reading for students in our Scholars (non-optional) Program. Students in K-5 should choose two books from the reading list for their grade (open the reading list for grades K-5 and choose two books that align to your current, exiting, grade level) and then complete the assignment listed below. Note that there are different assignment sheets for students in 1st/2nd grade and for students in grades 3-5.  

    The Kindergarten Assignment can be used for both incoming and exiting Kindergarten students who can choose whether to complete an assignment for a book that was read to them or, if already reading, that they read themselves (the assignment you complete will depend on which option you choose). 

    Turn completed assignments into your teacher the first week of school. 

  • Reading Lists: K-5

  • Accompanying Assignments K-5