• CCTE is continuing its partnership with Williams-Sonoma to provide some summer employment opportunities to SCS students. Please review the attached flyer about the Personalization and Operations Team. This opportunity is available to CCTE students and parents.  The minimum age is 17 years old, and the rate of pay is $12.00 per hour.  Click Williams-Sonoma Application Website to apply. After you apply, email your first name, last name, and your age to Mr. Payne at paynes4@scsk12.org to have your application reviewed for an interview.

    The position is for a Merchandise Processor, and specific roles will be assigned to one of the areas below:





    Heavy lifting – Pushing. Checking validity of order, printing cardstock tickets and loading orders onto ETON. Associates should be prepared for lifting and movement of product.



    Removing product from manufacturer packaging, retrieving instructions, finding center point of item, loading ETON to send work to operators and tape measurements.


    Monogram Operator

    Retrieving work from ETON as it arrives, loading machine, scanning barcode to upload sew information, keeping two machines tuning and loading completed orders on ETON to send to QA.


    Quality Assurance

    Retrieving orders from ETON, inspecting each aspect of the item using a touch screen QA process. Must be able to read/write in English.



    Associates will remove excess thread and backing, fold and package items to be packed and sent to customers.


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