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    Trezevant Career & Technology Center is the educational “DIAMOND” of the Frayser and North Memphis Community.   

    Our school staff is made up of a fantastic team of dedicated teachers and administrative support staff who are passionate about the well-being of our students and the communities in which they live.  

    We offer an array of career and technical classes designed to provide students with the theory, practical application, and soft skills required in today’s workforce.  Our big initiative is to provide training and support so that ALL students receive Tennessee-approved “Preferred” industry certifications prior to leaving our school.  These certifications lead to high-wage, high-demand jobs immediately following graduation.   

    Our programs also allow students to earn college credits, gain industry experience, perform clinical practice, participate in internships, be involved in Career & Technical Student Organizations, interact with business and industry partners, participate in field trips, engage guest speakers and perform community service. 

    Our mission is to ensure that every student develops the skills necessary to obtain a "Preferred" Tennessee-approved industry certification and secures a high-wage, high-demand job immediately following high school.  We want every student to complete their chosen program of study and leave Trezevant Career & Technology Center “Educated, Experienced, & Employed! 

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