•  Car Arrival

    Please follow the drop off procedures exactly to maintain safety. Do not park in the school drive or on the crosswalk. This stops the flow of traffic.

    • Students eating breakfast can enter at 7:45. The first bell rings at 8:00, and students are late after the 8:15 bell.
    • Enter the school lot approaching from the south on Delano Ave  and turning right into the first driveway.
    • Stay in the right lane, driving around to the front entrance near the covered porch, pulling as far forward as possible.
    • After dropping off your child, please exit by turning right only onto Sanga.
    • Always follow the crossing guard's directions.
    • If you need more time than just a quick drop off or you need to come in to the building, please park in a parking spot in the lot.

    Car  Car Dismissal

    Please follow the pick up procedures exactly to maintain safety. Pick -up is on the East Side of the Building. 

    • Dimissal begins at 3:15.
    • Please pick your child(ren) up on time. Students are only supervised at dismissal until 3:30.
    • Place your car rider number on the front passenger visor.
    • Do not get out and walk up to the porch or entrance to ask for students.
    • Enter the south entrance of Delano Ave..
    • One lane will once you're in the lot.
    • Students will be called by number inside the building.
    • Students called will exit the building and will be loaded into cars by school staff in the loading zone.
    • A staff member will conduct traffic to exit right on Delano Ave. 
    • Cars without numbers will be directed to the annex parking lot where a staff member will help bring the child(ren) to the car.
    • Students who are not paying attention may not hear their number. Please remind your child(ren) to remain alert while waiting for their number to be called.