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Mr. Louis Padgett

Hello everyone,

I am excited to once again lead Northaven as Principal in 2022-2023.  We have been operating as a Community School and this year Memphis Shelby County Schools, (MSCS) has allowed me to expand on the concept by adding a Community Schools Coordinator to support the Northaven Community.  This is a new year with energy that focuses on what is important for student success.  I look forward to seeing everyone in the building.  My focus this year is attendance and continued achievement success.  Please know that I will be firm about attendance and may withdraw students that miss more than 5 days excused or unexcused if it is determined that the student does not live in the attendance zone.


Everyone has witnessed the school safety incidents in both local and national news.  The world is different and with that in mind know that at Northaven we will focus on student safety. No adult is allowed to visit any classroom without Principal or Designee permission. Parents and caregivers will need (ID), Driver License or State issued ID when coming in for conferences etc.  The ID will be run through the RAPTOR system and ID image printed.  This system, RAPTOR is connected to the courts and law enforcement for verification—NO EXCEPTIONS. The office is the stopping point for parent(s)/caregiver(s).  More on that in the conference request & arrival/departure section of this handbook.


While I am excited about the year I do want to see the children and see them working in class, so get them a water bottle and allow them to come to school every day.  We will learn, we will play, we will grow as we learn how to participate as future citizens in our world.  We are the Northaven Stingers

Louis Padgett, III Principal

Northaven Elementary School 5157 North Circle Road Memphis TN  38127.  Phone: 901.416.2800


S– sharing T- tolerant I– intelligent N- nurturing G-generous E- eager R- ready S-students


The 2022-2023 school year is here, we’ve been re-branded. Memphis Shelby County Schools, (MSCS)!


Northaven’s mission remains the same:  The mission of Northaven Elementary School is to educate the whole child by developing academic, social, emotional, communication, and problem-solving skills.  All students at Northaven will be lifelong learners and positive participants in society.

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