Parent/Guardian Agreement                                                                                                                                                 

    I want my child to achieve. Therefore, I will encourage him/her by doing the following:

    • See that my child arrives at school/or logs in on TEAM and other virtual platforms on time and attend regularly with the necessary supplies/resources.
    • Support the school in its efforts to maintain proper discipline. This includes monitoring students during virtual classes (i.e. video, chat box, etc.)
    • Establish a time for homework and review it regularly.
    • Provide a quiet well-lit place for virtual classes and study time.
    • Encourage my child’s efforts and be available for questions.
    • Stay aware of what my child is learning by observing virtual lessons and scheduling conferences with the teacher via TEAM and/or phone.Once in-person classes resume I will volunteer at school.
    • Review report card(s) and attend learning opportunities and Parent Teacher Conferences (virtual and/or in-person).
    • Read with my child daily and let my child see me read.
    • Develop a partnership with the school to help my child achieve the State’s high standards.
    • Discuss the school-parent compact with my child.
    • Encourage my child to display positive school behavior at home during virtual learning and at school and be a positive role model.
    • Monitor television watching and encourage positive use of my child’s extracurricular time by limiting the hours of television.
    • Provide a set bedtime that gives my child sufficient sleep to function at school.
    • Actively participate at Northaven Pre-K-5 school and community programs by serving on committees such as the School Improvement Team, Parent Advisory Council, and PTO, I will become actively involved in the Community Association and try to improve conditions in the neighborhood.
    • Read the Parent Virtual Handbook.


    Student Agreement

    It is important that I work to the best of my ability.  Therefore, I shall strive to do the following:

    • Come to school on time and/or log in on TEAM and other virtual platforms on time and attend regularly with the necessary supplies/resources.
    • Listen, follow directions, complete and return class work, projects and homework or extra practice assignments. This includes all virtual assignments and activities
    • Observe regular study hours.
    • Respect others and follow the Student Rules of Conduct. Follow the SCS and Northaven Virtual expectations at all times.
    • Set a goal to meet all academic and behavior expectations of Northaven Elementary.
    • Take responsibility for my actions, show graded work/assignments to my parent/guardian along with notes from the school and show these materials and documents to my parent(s) caregiver(s).

    Teacher Agreement

    It is important that students achieve. Therefore, I shall strive to do the following:

    • Provide high quality, rigorous, grade level and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all students daily both virtual and in-person (when applicable)
    • Provide necessary assistance to parents so that they can help with assignments.
    • Encourage students and parents by providing frequent information about student progress using a two-way communication system in addition to the weekly folder.
    • Use special activities in the classroom to make learning enjoyable. Use a variety of grade appropriate resources to support virtual learning.
    • Read to students daily.
    • Create and maintain a classroom environment (virtual and in-person) that is conducive to learning for all students.
    • Encourage students to take risks.
    • Provide instruction that fosters high academics and expectations that encourages students to be the best they can be.
    • Provide flexible meeting times for parent conferences and learning opportunities that includes virtual TEAM and phone conferences
    • Commit to doing whatever it takes to ensure that all students make at least one year’s growth during this school year.
    • Promote a warm inviting virtual and in-person classroom to students and parents with the freedom of volunteerism.

    School’s Responsibility

    I support this form of parent involvement. Therefore, I shall strive to do the following:

    • Provide common planning time for teachers in order to help drive instruction and collaboration.
    • Provide an environment that allows for positive communication between the teacher, parent, and the student.
    • Encourage teachers to regularly provide instructional activities that will encourage our students to think and problem solve.
    • Provide a safe and secure learning environment (virtual and in-person)
    • Collaborate with teachers, parents, and all other appropriate stakeholders to create an environment that is conducive to learning.
    • Provide a high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables the children to meet the State’s academic achievement standards.
    • Support all personnel to ensure that the focus is on students learning.
    • Provide flexible meeting times for parental involvement activities throughout the academic year (including virtual meetings)
    • Provide parents with reasonable access to staff, volunteer, participate, and observe in their child’s virtual class and in-person class when applicipable)
    • Committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure all students make at least one year’s growth during this academic school year.

    Shelby County Schools offers educational and employment opportunities without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, creed, age, or disability.

    Revised: August 2020