• School Colors

    Maroon and Gold



    Shelby Oaks School Pledge


    We the Shelby Oaks Elementary School community pledge to respect ourselves and to respect our school. We know that respect means:


    R = Responsibility,

    E = Effort,

    S = Spirit,

    P = Pride,

    E = Enthusiasm,

    C = Courtesy,

    T = Teamwork.


    We will work hard together because “Hand in Hand We All Learn.

    Vision/Mission of Shelby Oaks Elementary



    Shelby Oaks Elementary will be a student-centered learning environment, where all students will be challenged to achieve academically to their uppermost potential. Parents, community, faculty and staff will create a positive, secure and supportive culture in which each child will be taking risks to enhance higher-level thinking and reasoning skills. Students will be provided opportunities to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems and become lifelong learners. All students leaving Shelby Oaks Elementary will be equipped emotionally, socially and academically for our rapidly changing society.



    The Mission of Shelby Oaks Elementary is to prepare all students to reach their fullest potential in a safe and caring environment. This environment provides a variety of challenging educational opportunities to meet the needs of individual students in an ever-changing and culturally diverse society.


    Statement of Beliefs:


    o   We believe in holding high expectations for all staff and students.

    o   We believe in a safe learning environment for all students.

    • We believe in using a variety of teaching methods to enable all students to acquire knowledge across content areas.
    • We believe through communication and mutual decision-making, parents, teachers, and students build collaborative partnerships to enhance the learning experience.
    • We believe in measuring student performance by utilizing traditional and non-traditional methods of assessment.
    • We believe in making instructional decisions by using research-based curricula and assessment data to provide a clear purpose and direction.
    • We believe in following guidelines outlined in federal, state, and local district policies in order to improve student achievement and to maintain clear and consistent student results.

    o   We believe a positive relationship will foster mutual respect, nourish student’s self-esteem, and character development.