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    Dear Roadrunner Families-


    We often send out information via phone, text and email. Please make sure your contact information is frequently updated in PowerSchool so that you won’t miss out on pertinent information. This is our best way of contact during the pandemic so please govern yourselves accordingly.  Also, most information is updated and posted on our website, https://schools.scsk12.org/ridgeway-hs, or the district website, www.scsk12.org, for quick answers.



    Dr. Jonathan Stencel, Principal                                   stenceljr@scsk12.org

    Brian Keith Fuller, Vice-Principal & 12th gr                fullerbk@scsk12.org

    Benjamin Hartsfield, 11th gr                                       hartsfieldbm@scsk12.org

    Tonya Walker-Barnes, 10th gr                                     walkerbarnestd@scsk12.org

    Tejwana Hinton, 9th gr                                                hintonty@scsk12.org

    Rhonda Kendall, PLC Coach                                        kendallrr@scsk12.org

    Matt Martinez, PLC Coach                                         martinezm1@scsk12.org


    Schedules/Classes/Social Emotional Support, Professional School Counselors

    12th, Mrs. Grant,





    Students may still call 416-5300 for technical support or contact the teacher who will then contact Mrs. Harris, Mr. Martinez or Ms. Walker-Barnes.  All troubleshooting and repairs are being done at the school now. Email the teacher directly should your child miss the class b/c of technical issues.




    • Contact the child’s teacher first. If there is no resolution, email Mr. Fuller @ fullerbk@scsk12.org.
    • Child cannot get into a TEAMS classroom, email/contact the teacher first. If there is no resolution, Harris, Martinez or Walker-Barnes.


    For Exceptional Education Issues

    • Email Mr. Martinez, Martinezm1@scsk12.org


    For Attendance Issues

    • First, email the teacher whose class your child missed. Please put your child’s name, grade, reason as to the absence and what periods your child missed so that teachers may excuse the absence.
    • Please fill out the absentee note found on the website under Parent Resources
    • If you have further issues with attendance, please email Mrs. Moore, Attendance Clerk, at mooreem@scsk12.org


    For IB/Honors Issues

    • Contact Dr. Dorsey at dorseyab@scsk12.org


    For Enrollment/Withdrawal Issues Issues

    • Contact Mrs. Boland, Records Clerk at bolandj@scsk12.org


    For Breakfast/Lunch/Meal Distribution

    • Contact Mr. Darren Carter at carterdg@scsk12.org. Meal distribution is on Thursdays from 9am-12pm and 1pm-5pm and Fridays from 7am-9am. You must complete a form that is on our website.


    As always, please feel free to email me at fullerbk@scsk12 after exhausting every other point of contact and I will try to get you to the right person ASAP.


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    Phone Number: (901) 416-8820

    Fax Number: (901) 416-2199