• What Makes Success

    Here at Ridgeway we pride ourselves on rigor, academic excellence and success. We look to serve our students with high quality enrichment, structure, lessons and principles that will carry them to a successful future.  Our goal is to nurture, teach and train each student for success during high school and well after high school. In doing so, they will instill the same principles that was taught to them, to their children.  Thanks to all who have received the vision and are striving with The Way to bring it to pass.



    Our Mission

    The mission of Ridgeway High School is to foster academic excellence in a safe, nurturing, and diverse environment where students become active learners and well-rounded, engaged world citizens.

    Our Vision

    Ridgeway High School is dedicated to providing a positive setting that promotes the intellectual, physical, and social development of each student. The Ridgeway Community will address the needs and interest of students in all levels of academics and extracurricular activities. We will work cooperatively to ensure that students emerge from school as motivated, focused, well-adjusted adults and productive, responsible citizens.

    Our Beliefs

    • Students learn, achieve, and succeed in a safe, supportive, and comfortable environment conducive to attaining their fullest potential.
    • Students perform at their highest level and behavior improves when they are challenged and expectations are high.
    • Students must develop skills in verbal and written communication, reading, math, science, health, physical fitness, fine arts, humanities, and research.
    • Students must be able to use technology proficiently in preparation for life.
    • Students must develop proficient skills in reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving in order to become productive citizens.
    • Students must develop personal, educational, and career goals to promote life-long learning and success.
    • Diversity helps students make a successful transition from the educational setting to the real world.
    • Effective and timely communication with parents/guardians and students fosters a positive attitude toward learning.
    • Cooperation and care among administration, faculty, parents/guardians, and students provides an atmosphere of respect and fosters integrity.
    • Staff development is essential for teachers to function effectively.
    • An array of activities such as clubs, athletics, and the arts is essential to the development of well-rounded students.
    • Instruction must consider the different learning styles of our student body.
    • It is necessary to provide opportunities that develop the desire for, and the practice of character, leadership, and service to others.