Double Tree Elementary ~ Mission

    Double Tree Dolphins lead with confidence, inspire others, and serve our community with Dolphin PRIDE: 

    P- PREPARED- We are prepared, and we stay ready. 

    RRESPECTFUL—We respect ourselves and the property of others. 

    IINTEGRITY- We hold integrity in our hearts because we are honest, truthful, and do what is RIGHT. 

    DDATA-DRIVEN- We are data-driven because we strive towards mastery meeting our goals and Never Giving Up! 

    EEDUCATED—We are Educated by being Engaged, Empowered, and Exposed. We are encouraged to handle difficult situations by being critical thinkers and problem solvers. 





    Double Tree Elementary ~ Vision

    Double Tree Elementary Optional School is the Best School in the Whole Wide World. We are a hidden GEM in the heart of Westwood, that creates and foster a positive learning environment while developing social skills through community service, data-driven instruction, college and career-ready academics. Our stakeholders implement a spirit of CARE by being effective:

     Communicators who are



    and Educated by being Respectful, Responsible, and Resourceful.   

    At Double Tree WE CARE about our future!!