• Our Mission

    Bruce Elementary School prepares children to become confident lifelong learners, creative problem solvers, and responsible citizens in their communities and in the world.


    Our Vision 

    It is the vision of Bruce Elementary School to prepare all students to become lifelong learners, creative thinkers and productive citizens. In pursuit of the vision, Bruce Elementary School is committed to the following:

    1. Creating a safe, challenging, and diversified learning environment that fosters academic excellence and creative problem solving.
    2. Establishing a partnership with our stakeholders that works collaboratively to help each student succeed.
    3. Using research-based instructional strategies to meet the needs of individual learners and address various learning modalities.
    4. Educating students to read, write, comprehend, and apply accurately.
    5. Educating students to observe, think creatively, reason, solve problems, and to develop the tools to make strong sound decisions.
    6. Provide students the opportunity to operate, learn about, and utilize new technology to enhance their learning outlets and prepare them for an ever-changing world.
    7. Maintaining high expectations and standards for all students.
    8. Recognizing that all learners are different.
    9. Participating in regular professional development opportunities that reflect on successful teaching practices.
    10. Teaching students to become responsible, compassionate, and contributing citizens.
    11. Assessing, monitoring, and diversifying current teaching practices and assessment tools to equalize and make more efficient the learning process.
    12. Empowering students to be responsible for themselves, their experiences, their knowledge and their abilities to achieve their dreams.


    Our Beliefs


    Our Core Values: Achievement, Respect, Community, Leadership, Accountability.