Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Frank Jones

Frank Johnson District 7 Frank W. Johnson is a native of South Memphis and spent his youth in the Cleaborn Homes, South Parkway, Lauderdale (Lauderdale Sub), and the Alcy/Ball communities. Johnson attended Norris Elementary, Corry Jr. High, and Overton High School, where he became a student of the late Dr. Lulah M. Hedgeman. Johnson is an active Shelby County Democratic Party (SCDP) member. He serves on the Primary Board and was elected to the Grassroots Council in 2017, representing the Executive Committee Shelby County District 10. Johnson was the community organizer for The Black Alliance for Educational Options (BAEO) and the Karl Dean for Governor campaign in 2018. Dedicated to the advancement of students, Johnson served as a second, third, and fourth-grade teacher for LaRose Elementary. He also serves as a Memphis Artists for Change (MAC) board member. Johnson became engaged with the issue of Environmental Justice during his time as a teacher. He noticed that several of his students shared the same health conditions and behavioral disorders that many of his friends and family did growing up. After getting involved with the Memphis Water Collaborative, he discovered that Memphis has a history of contamination issues, especially in the city's older areas. He believes these environmental issues are tied directly to many of Memphis's health, educational, and crime problems. Committed to making Memphis a better place for all, Johnson currently serves as President of the Alcy/Ball Community Association, works as a South Memphis Connector for the Center For Transforming Communities, and is the Executive Director of Depot Communities United (DCU)