• Parents,

    Our students will take the Winter i-Ready Diagnostic test January 11-29 to assess Reading and Math standards. Students will take small sections of the test each day during the testing window. MSCS provides this diagnostic test to students (3) times a year to access their academic progress with mastering standards.


    We are asking parents to make sure students are present each day and allow the students to take the assessment without any help from parents/anyone at home.  Please encourage your child to do their best on the test. The test is not graded, but it provides valid information teachers need to know to determine which standards your child has mastered or not.  After reviewing the data, the teachers develop a teaching plan with resources to support your child.


    The questions become more difficult or less difficult based on how each student answers until it finds the "just right" level; therefore, the goal is not to get every question correct. Once the "just right" learning level is determined, the student will be assigned a series of lessons that are just right for reading and math!

    Parents, please access the link below to learn more about the assessment your child will start taking next week. Remember, this assessment is given (3) times a year in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.