• Hollis F. Price Middle College and Middle College have a contractual agreement for all SCS sports.  Since both schools have a small enrollment, each team is comprised of students from both schools.  Together we lead our schools to championships.


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    HFP Student Sports Roster


    Benjamin Calvin

    Elijah Teal


    Track & Field                                     Cross Country

    Nicholas Allen                                    Joel Hayes

    Ayonna Boyd                                     Nehemiah Hayes

    Benjamin Calvin                                Terrance Lane

    Christian Gray                                    Yasir Mutee

    Joel Hayes

    Nehemiah Hayes

    Maurese Hunley

    Antonio Keys

    Terrance Lane

    Jeremy Upton

    Madison Williams

    Mardisty Williams


    Baseball                                               Softball

    Nicholas Allen                                    Aysha Holeyfield

    Benjamin Calvin                                Tashara Mays

    Maurese Hunley

    Benjamin Inman                              




    Boys                                                                      Girls

    DaVontae Davis

    Anthony Johnson

    Reginald LaBattes