Eligibility and Instructions

  • Quarter 2 Grade Repair

    Ways To Log in: 

    Through Clever: 

    Through the Grade Results Website: 

    • Go to Clever.com 
    • Log in using your Email username and password 
    • Scroll down to “Testing Prep” and click on “Grade Results” 
    • In grade results, click “start” next to your course and follow the instructions.  
    • Go to graderesults.com 
    • Username: Student ID number 
    • Password: password1 OR Password1 
    • Click “student”  
    • Once logged in, click “start” next to your course and follow the instructions. 

    Please read the following notes: 

    • See your grade-level counselor with questions about your specific situation.  
    • Completing grade repair will improve your Q2 grade, your S1 grade, and possibly your final year grade. Completing grade repair is a good idea even if you don’t need it to pass.  
    • If you failed Q2 but passed Semester 1 (S1), completing Q2 grade repair will improve your grade to 60% and will improve your S1 grade. If you already passed S1, you are NOT required to complete Q2 grade repair to pass for the semester/year.  
    • If you failed Q2 AND Semester 1, completing grade repair for Q2 does NOT guarantee that you will pass the semester. See your counselor for a plan to address the failed Semester credit.  
    • If you have already met with your counselor and have the plan to pass (Project Graduation, Summer School, or credit recovery), it is your choice to complete Grade Repair.  

    To complete Grade Repair: 

    • Log into Grade Results 
    • Click “Start” next to your failed course 
    • Complete modules 
    • To earn a grade of 60%, you must have a completion rate of 100% AND a final grade of 60%.  

    See your Grade Level Counselor with questions.  

    Contact support@graderesults.com with questions about the website or issues with your courses.  

    Quarter 2 Grade Repair Ends on Monday, March 6 at 11:59 PM  


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