Q1 Grade Repair

  • Students who failed a class for Q1 are eligible for Grade Repair.

    • Most classes are available through the Grade Results website.
    • For classes not available through Grade Results, teachers will provide an assignment for Grade Repair.

    For classes available in Grade Results:

    • Students must take a pre-test and complete modules in the Grade Results course until they reach a final grade of 70.
    • Please look in the “FINAL GRADE” column on Grade Results to determine your progress.
    • Grade Results is available 24 hours per day/7 days per week.
    • Grade results is self-paced.

    The deadline to earn a final grade of 70% is December 10, 2021, by 11:59 pm. Per district policy, no exceptions will be made to this deadline. If you successfully complete Grade Repair with a final grade of 70% or higher, your failing Q1 grade will be replaced with a grade of 70%.

    Grade Results can be accessed on any device in the Clever Portal as follows:

    • Go to Clever.com
    • Go to Student Login - follow the prompts
    • Use your student ID and Email/Teams password to log in.
    • Scroll down to "Test Prep" and click on Grade Results.
    • Scroll down Grade Results to the course.
    • Click “Start” next to the course.
    • Begin with the pre-test.

    Once you have completed the pre-test, you will complete the assigned modules and a final post-test. Please email support@graderesults.com for assistance with the Grade Results website or your account.

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