Degrees and Certifications:

Laura Peacock


I am a veteran educator with more than 28 years of instructional experience, proficient in technology with an aptitude for multimedia essential to providing a diverse set of learning experiences to students, highly organized and resourceful with a passion for urban education, a strong science background and knowledgeable of best practices, open-minded and receptive to new ideas that are innovative and effective approaches to teaching, and an enthusiastic participant in the continuous learning in the Shelby County Schools.

My Philosophy

I believe education is the understanding of concepts, not necessarily learning facts.  I believe children should be taught how to think, not how to recite.  I believe education is learning and understanding higher order thinking skills necessary to become a productive adult and to contribute to society in a positive way.  I believe technology is the key to these beliefs.  Technology opens the world to learners of all ages.  I believe it is my job to help those who want and need my knowledge and experience in order to achieve their own goals.

Attributes: Knowledgeable in

·        Digital Device Ambassador

·        SMARTBoard Technologies

·        Blackboard

·        Public Relations Organizer

·        Iready

·        Accelerated Reading

·        Microsoft Ambassador


Professional License - July 2026
Grades 1-8

Work Experience

Orleans Elementary School, Memphis City Schools
Teacher, 1996-2013

Keystone Elementary School, Shelby County Schools
Teacher, 2013-present