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    Our Vision

    Keystone Elementary will be an exemplary student-focused school with dedicated staff, outstanding programs, and a nurturing environment.  

    Our Mission

    At Keystone Elementary, our mission is to collaborate with families and community members to provide a safe learning environment that fosters academic, emotional, social, and physical growth for all students.

    Our Philosophy

    Our Philosophy at Keystone Elementary is founded on out belief in the importance of life-long learning and the essential worth and unlimited capacity of every student.

    Our Beliefs

    • We believe in meeting the individual needs of all students by striving for a quality education.
    • We believe in holding high expectations for all students and achieving proficiency.
    • We believe in shared-decision making and utilizing research-based data when making decisions to formulate goals and objectives.
    • We believe in providing a clear purpose and direction to student-centered learning and achievement.
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