Frequently Asked Questions for End of Course Assessments at Wooddale High School


  •  What will students do after they take the exams?

    Students will be able to leave the building at the conclusion of their tests IF they have identified a car rider or walker on the survey.  If a student is in-person and/or a bus rider, students will stay in the gym or with their pods until 3:15 dismissal.  Lunches will be available after tests. If students do not leave after testing, they will be able to grab lunch and stay in the gym or with their pods until 3:15 dismissal.

    What will Teacher Office Hours look like during testing?

    Teachers will provide students with asynchronous assignments during testing.  If a student needs to meet with their teacher about the class, the student will need to make an appointment with the teacher (see links on the main page).

    What should students bring with them to the test?

    Students will need to bring their masks and other PPE.  We will provide all students with a pencil, paper, and calculators for the test.

     What should students NOT bring with them to the test?

    Electronic devices: smartwatches, phones (if they come to school they will be asked to surrender these possessions until the conclusion of the test because we know students will need to communicate with families at the conclusion of the tests).

     Will there be breaks during the EOC since it is so long?

    Yes, students will have small scheduled stretch breaks during all EOC test except Biology which is a 75 min test with only one subpart.

     Will students eat lunch or wait until after the tests are over?

    Students will eat lunch between subparts 2 and 3 of the English test.  Students will have lunch at the conclusion of the Biology and math test.

     Will students who are not testing be given assignments on Microsoft Teams?

    Yes.  Students will have asynchronous assignments May 3 - May 14 to accommodate for testing in the building.  Students should log in to Microsoft Teams daily to receive their assignments.

     Do the buses come earlier to take the students home after their EOC?

    Buses will run the normal schedules. There will be no early bus pick-ups or drop-offs for students.

     What if I have students who have accommodations?

    Students with accommodations will have contact from their case managers/guidance counselors for their room assignments. 

     Will there be breakfast available for the students?


     What time do students need to arrive?

    Students should plan to arrive at school no later than 7:45 am to get checked in and settled before testing begins.

     Where do I drop off my child on testing days?

    Please drop your child off at the back entrance of the school near the cafeteria/gym.

     How do I pick my child up from school after they are finished with their test?

    Guardians are to pick up from the same location they dropped their child off at the conclusion of testing. Your child will just come to your vehicle, please do not come into the building.  Students will need to communicate with their guardians when they are finished, if different than the scheduled dismissal time

    How will my child know where to go on their assigned testing day?

    There will be a large presence of teachers and administrators who will be positioned along the entry route to help guide students to their locations.  To help with knowing where to go, all school staff will have a list of where students are to report based on their teacher's name and the period they have the class. (ie. Johnson 1).

     What is the school doing to help alleviate any COVID concerns I may have?

    Wooddale is complying with ALL CDC regulations and procedures in regards to COVID and all social distancing measures are being met. 

    Students will be socially distanced in their testing rooms.  Limited interactions and distribution of materials will be in place

    What if I am a virtual student and never attended class in Wooddale yet?

    Welcome to the Cardinal Family! We are so glad you will be joining us!  We are here to help you and alleviate any stress.  Please feel free to reach out to your grade-level administrator with any concerns. 

    We know some of you may not have crossed the threshold into Wooddale this year.  We will ensure there is school staff available to assist you in finding your testing location from the moment you arrive until you depart.

    All testing will be conducted in the gym/cafeteria area of the building, so there is no need to worry about going between the two buildings or other floors of the building..=

     What if I’m an upperclassman and don’t have to take any of the EOC tests?

    Attendance will be taken in all classes via Teams.  You will be learning asynchronously from May 3 - May 14, no matter if you are an in-person or virtual.

District FAQ for TCAP EOC

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