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Naviance Launch Beginning November 6

  • We are excited to announce a new game-changing partnership that will help prepare and propel our students to achieve their
    post-secondary goals. Naviance is an innovative, equitable, and proven college and career planning solution designed to 
    increase graduation rates and prepare students for their futures.
    As the largest public school district in Tennessee, SCS serves more than 30,000 students in grades 8-12, who will now have access
    to the most widely adopted college-, career- and life-readiness (CCLR) platform in the country, with use by over 13 million students
    in 14,000 schools. Naviance will allow students to access their CCLR planning in a virtual environment, anytime, anywhere, and help
    them meet state Ready Graduate requirements. Students will gain access as eighth-graders to kickstart the exciting college and career
    planning process early on -- and most importantly, get the real-time support they need to stay on track through graduation.
    Training is already underway for instructional staff, who can use Naviance to engage with students throughout the college application
    process. Teachers and counselors will have access to comprehensive data to customize advice and resources for students.
    They can assign specific tasks (such as assessments and career exploration activities), review GPA and PSAT/ACT scores,
    create and promote virtual college visits and other college events, send transcripts and even help submit required documents
    for college applications.
    Naviance equips students to discover personal interests and strengths and real-world careers that match,
    as well as research and apply for colleges and scholarship opportunities and build resumes and portfolios.
    Plus, they can learn from over 900 leaders from all backgrounds about their career decisions and connect
    personal learning to academic goal-setting and post-secondary planning

The Student Journey in Naviance