• Getting Started with College Applications

    • Go to the college website to apply online. Your application will be designated for Fall 2020. You may be referred to as a first time freshman, undergraduate, bachelor’s degree (4 yr. degree), or associate degree (2 yr school). Record the username and password for your online account. If you will be using a common application, please let your counselor know.
    • Many college applications are simple and take less than 30 minutes to complete. Some applications will ask for a “personal statement” or a short essay. Still others will ask for teacher recommendations. Follow the directions for each college.
    • Do exactly what the application asks.
    • Don’t include teacher recommendations if they are not required.
    • Don’t include an essay if it is not part of an application. Colleges like students who follow directions and do not try to include documents not requested
    • Allow four weeks for the university to record your application. You may go back on-line and check the status of your application and whether your transcript has been received.
    • Most colleges require an application fee. Students may pay with a credit card on-line or you may send a check. Some colleges waive the application fee if you apply on-line or if you apply by a certain date. You will find this information on the college website or you may contact the college’s admissions office. Some colleges will accept a fee waiver letter from your counselor if you qualify. Every college handles the fee waivers differently. See your counselor about college fee waivers.


    Upon completion of each college application, you must request a transcript in writing from your assigned counselor. Each transcript includes grades 9-12 (8-12, if applicable) and test scores. Request forms are available in guidance.  

    Tanya Ayers (Last name A-G)

    Lance Allred (Last name H-P)

    Detria Carruth (Last name Q-Z)


    Local College Information

    College Name

    Admissions Link

    General Admissions Criteria Link

    General Scholarship Information Link

    Cost of Attendance Link

    Southwest Tennessee Community College

    Southwest Admissions

    Students are required to have an ACT score on file. No minimum GPA or ACT. This school only needs a final transcript.$10 Application Fee

    Southwest Scholarships

    STCC Cost of Attendance

    University of Memphis

    U of M Admissions

    Application Fee: $25

    U of M Scholarships

    U of M Cost of Attendance

    Christian Brothers University

    CBU Admissions

    Students should at least have a superscore ACT of 21 and a 2.9 GPA.

    CBU Scholarships

    CBU Cost of Attendance

    Rhodes College

    Rhodes Admission

    The college application allows you to show the Admission committee that you are ready and excited to become an essential part of the Rhodes classroom and community. We use a holistic approach to evaluate every facet of your application to get a better sense of the whole you. When examined together, your transcript, test scores, extracurricular activities, recommendations, and personal statement can paint a bigger picture of your ability to contribute to Rhodes as a classmate, roommate, teammate, and community member.

    Rhodes Scholarship

    Rhodes Cost of Attendance

    LeMoyne Owen College

    LeMoyne Owen Admissions

    Admissions requirements vary by class. Please apply for details. Fee waiver available.

    LeMoyne Owen Scholarship

    LOC Cost of Attendance