• College Applications with Transcript and Fee Waiver Requests


    Common App

    Website: www.commonapp.org

    • The Common Application allows students to complete one application for up to 20 of its member schools. For those who can utilize the Common App, students will only need one transcript and one fee waiver (if applicable)
    • Please check here first for desired colleges
    • The student's Common App must be match in Naviance. See instructions below.


    HBCU Common App

    Website: commonblackcollegeapp.com

    • The HBCU Common App allows students to complete one application for all member colleges while identifying four priority schools. 
    • The HBCU Common App is not matched to Naviance and an individual transcript request does not need to be completed. 
    • All SCS students can complete the HBCU Common App free of charge by using the promotional code SCS2021


    Applying to Individual Colleges 

    • Go to the college website to apply online. Your application will be designated for Fall 2022. You may be referred to as a first time freshman, undergraduate, bachelor’s degree (4 yr. degree), or associate degree (2 yr school). Record the username and password for your online account. If you will be using a common application, please let your counselor know.
    • Many college applications are simple and take less than 30 minutes to complete. Some applications will ask for a “personal statement” or a short essay. Still others will ask for teacher recommendations. Follow the directions for each college.
    • Do exactly what the application asks.
    • Don’t include teacher recommendations if they are not required.
    • Don’t include an essay if it is not part of an application. Colleges like students who follow directions and do not try to include documents not requested
    • Allow four weeks for the university to record your application. You may go back on-line and check the status of your application and whether your transcript has been received.

    Fee Waivers

    • Most colleges require an application fee. Students may pay with a credit card on-line or you may send a check. Some colleges waive the application fee if you apply on-line or if you apply by a certain date. You will find this information on the college website or you may contact the college’s admissions office. Some colleges will accept a fee waiver letter from your counselor if you qualify. Every college handles the fee waivers differently. Email Mr. Allred at allredle@scsk12.org to request an individual fee waiver. If you are requesting a fee waiver for a college accessible through the Common App or HBCU Common App, you will be denied and asked to complete one of those applications. 


    • Access the instructions link below to view how to request a transcript in Naviance

    Transcript Request Instructions

    Resource Powerpoint Class of 2023

    FAFSA and Naviance September 21