• Our Mission

    Central High School’s mission is for each student to achieve the academic and social skills necessary to be competitive in a global environment and to be successful workers, citizens, and lifelong learners through the completion of all graduation requirements and participation in co-curricular and extracurricular learning experiences.It is the vision of Central High School to be the high school of choice through the achievement of the highest levels of academic, personal, and professional standards for all students. By enhancing our tradition of excellence, the faculty and staff of Central High School help our graduates become successful citizens and leaders of tomorrow. The school communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning as well as shared values and beliefs about teaching and learning.

    · Each student is unique with individual worth.

    · Student achievement is the nucleus around which all decisions are made.

    · Students are successful in a safe, supportive environment that promotes student achievement and aids them in developing to their full potential.

    · Research based, data-driven decisions facilitate the continuous improvement of student achievement which will lead to the elimination of the achievement gap.

    · Students achieve best when instruction and assessment techniques are varied and when consideration is given to each students’ individual needs.

    · The policies and procedures of Central High School enhance students’ academic achievement and social skills and enable them to become successful citizens.

    · Student achievement is the focus of communication, shared decision-making and collaboration between parents, students, school personnel, and the community.


    Our Warriors

    In the fall of 1997, Central opened its doors to ninth graders for the first time. The current feeder schools are Snowden, Bellevue, Fairview, and J.P. Freeman middle schools. The current student enrollment is 1,500. One of Central’s most notable assets is the diversity of its student body. For Central, this diversity derives from representation of various ideas, talents, and cultural influences and provides a wonderful atmosphere that creates educationally challenging and enriching experiences.