• Our Shared Vision

    The vision of Riverwood Elementary is to foster a vibrant, caring, learning community that prepares students to reach their fullest potential by developing their confidence and the initiative necessary to take risks, assume ownership of their learning and care for themselves, others, and the environment.


    Our Common Mission

    The mission of Riverwood Elementary is to develop critical thinkers who are able to read with understanding, write with purpose, and speak with clarity. By integrating content and by differentiating instruction we are empowering students to become productive, knowledgeable, global citizens capable of effectively solving problems and making responsible choices.  

    Our Beliefs

    • We believe the learning needs of our students is the school’s primary focus when making decisions and setting policies.
    • We believe meaningful input, support, and cooperation among parents, teachers, students and our community are vital in advancing our school’s mission.
    • We believe commitment to ongoing, engaging, professional development enables our teachers to maintain a cutting edge approach toward education.
    • We believe the use of data is essential in matching our student’s needs with current research based practices.
    • We believe the development of our student’s technological competencies prepares them to meet the demands of a changing world.
    • We believe all of our students are capable of learning when engaged in creative, meaningful work that recognizes and responds to their differing learning styles.
    • We Believe caring for the needs of the whole child, physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually is essential for meaningful learning to occur.
    • We believe safe, clean, attractive, comfortable, and nurturing environments for our students and teachers convey value, worth and respect to both learning and teaching.
    • We believe a variety of authentic assessment is essential for our students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding.
    • We believe challenging, yet attainable academic and social expectations stimulate learning and personal growth.
    • We believe mutual respect between our teachers, students, and parents creates a caring community in which diversity is valued and positive involvement and individual responsibility thrive.
    • We believe by raising the awareness of environmental and community needs we can foster a desire in our students to work toward a common good.