2021-22 Yearbook

    Purchase White Station High School's 2021-22 Yearbook for $75!
    For the first time, yearbooks and senior ads can be purchased in the same place! Follow the link or scan the code on the advertisement to learn more-https://www.balfour.com/student-info?smi=68934
    Do not miss out on this opportunity to get an amazing 2021-22 yearbook and dedicate a page to that very special senior! Our talented staff members will more than happy to help with any aspects of the design process.
    Yearbooks - $75
    Senior Dedication Pages
    Full Page 9x12" - $300
    1/2 Page 9x6" - $200
    1/4 Page 4.5x6" - $125
    1/8 Page 4.5 X3" - $60
    Email any questions to Mr. Pentecost - wshsshield@gmail.com