• Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is Middle College High School an Optional School? A: No, Middle College is a Choice School

    Q: What are the school hours?  A: 8:15am-3:15am; doors open at 7:45am. Many of our students have membership at the KROC.  Some are dropped off and/or picked up from the KROC. No discounts for membership

    Q: Who do I get the discipline report from? A: Ask the school secretary, administrator or counselor.  If the student does not have a discipline record, the form will be blank.  It is printed from Power School.

    Q: Do I need to check with the Principal to learn whether they have completed the recommendation form?

    A: No, after you send the link to them, the admission department at Middle College will reach out to the student’s school if it has not been received.


    Q: What happens if I do not submit the required documents in the application?

    A: Only students with completed applications will be eligible for an interview.  The student/parent will not be able to return to the application to upload documents later. WAIT UNTIL YOU HAVE COMPLETED ALL DOCUMENTS BEFORE STARTING THE APPLICATIONS.


    Q: Should I call to check on my application and to learn when interviews will take place?

    A: No, due to the large demand of applications, the admission department will be unable to check the status of your application. If your application is missing anything, an email will be sent notifying you of the incomplete application and the next steps. Incomplete applications will be processed after completed applicants are interviewed.


    Q: My child’s friend was invited to an interview, but my child was not called, and they submitted on the same date. A: All applicants with a completed application will be interviewed.  Due to the large volume of applications, you may experience a delay, but you will be interviewed as quickly as possible.


    Q: After the interview, how soon will I be notified of the admission decision?

    A: Admission letters will be sent as quickly as possible.  Due to the large volume of applications and delays with the post office, please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks after the interview. Acceptance letters will come in a red envelope. No admission decisions will be given over the phone or in email.


    Q: What does the interview process entail? A: An adult must accompany the student to the interview.  There will be a panel interview with an administrator, possibly a teacher and at least one student.  After the interview, students must take a proficiency test. Calculators or phones are not allowed.


    Q: Is Virtual Interviews an option? A: Due to COVID 19, Virtual and In Person Interviews are available. The applicant will specify their preference on the admission application.

    Q: Does my child have to take the ACT before being admitted? A: No, however, all students are expected to take the ACT before school starts.  When a student scores 19 or higher on the ACT, he/she will be eligible to take Dual Enrollment courses as early as 9th grade. Our goal is to ensure all students prepared and able to be accepted into any post-secondary institution.

    Q: Who do I contact with questions or to reschedule my interview? A: Ms. Jones, the Professional School Counselor via email at jonest4@scsk12.org or you can call the main office at 901-416-4550.