School Compact





    The Parent-School Compact has been jointly developed and agreed upon by the Sheffield Elementary administration, staff, parents, and scholars.

    School's Agreement

    I, the undersigned partner in the education of scholars at Sheffield Elementary agree to the following:

    • Create and maintain a school climate that encourages and promotes high scholar achievement.
    • Provide a safe environment that allows for positive communication between the school, parent, and scholar.
    • Provide a high quality curriculum and research-based instruction that will enable all scholars to meet state and district standards.
    • Inform parents frequently of the school's progress toward meeting district and state performance goals.
    • Conduct flexible meetings to provide activities and strategies that parents can use to support student learning at home and school.
    • Conduct annual parent/teacher conferences to discuss scholar progress and/or interventions.
    • Provide parents reasonable access to staff, to volunteer, participate and observe their scholar's class.


                                                          Principal's Signature ________________________________________________________


    Scholar's Agreement

    I am a partner in my education. Therefore, I agree to do the following:

    • Attendance: Attend school regularly and behave appropriately.
    • Academic Achievement: Come to school each day with pencils, paper, and materials necessary for class work.
      • Complete and return all homework assignments.
      • Read at least fifteen minutes each night.
      • Practice good study habits.
    • Attitude: Follow the rules of Sheffield Elementary and SCS Code of Conduct.
    • Attire: Wear my school uniform each and every day, i.e. belt, shirt tucked in, one that is not sagging, and one of proper length, socks matching, black or white shoe strings only, and shoes matching.
    • Altitude: Pushing myself to rise to higher heights and allowing myself to conquer new challenges.


                                                                            Scholar’s Signature _________________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian's Agreement

    I want my scholar to achieve. Therefore, I agree to do the following:

    • See that my scholar is punctual and attends school regularly.
    • Support the school's effort to maintain discipline by encouraging my scholar to obey the rules of Ford Road Elementary at all times.
    • Monitor my scholar’s use of the television
    • Establish a time and place for my scholar to study and complete homework assignments and provide needed guidance, feedback and support.
    • Encourage my scholar's efforts and be available for questions.
    • Maintain contact with the school and my scholar’s teacher(s).
    • Volunteer in my child’s classroom if possible.
    • Obtain a library card for my scholar and encourage the checkout of useful resources.
    • Require my scholar to read at least fifteen minutes each night.


                                                                            Parent's Signature __________________________________________________________

    Teacher's Agreement

    It is important that my scholars achieve. Therefore, I agree to do the following:

    • Inform parents and scholars of academic expectation that are grade-level appropriate.
    • Provide high quality instruction that follows the Shelby County School’s curriculum guides and state standards.
    • Employ a variety of instructional strategies and best practices so that all scholars will achieve at high levels and meet the standards set forth by the district.
    • Provide meaningful homework assignments that reinforce skills/concepts taught in the classroom.
    • Use weekly folders, school calendars, newsletters, and all forms of communication to inform parents and scholars of homework assignments and school activities.
    • Provide timely assistance to parents so that they may assist their scholar with homework assignments.
    • Keep parents informed about their scholar’s progress through parent/teacher conferences, progress reports, phone calls, and weekly folders.
    • Provide a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and engages every scholar in developmentally appropriate learning activities.


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