Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. LaShinda Hughes

As the daughter of loving and devoted parents, it has always been instilled in me to strive for greatness in every aspect of my life.  I was taught at an early age that with hard work comes great rewards and that it was up to me to decide who and what I would become.  I began teaching Special Education after completing the Memphis Teacher Fellows Program and it seemed that it was just natural for me.  I developed great relationships with my students and had amazing years of teaching.  I was called to TEACH.  During my tenure as a teacher, I realized that I was their advocate.  I was their voice when they could not speak and I was there to serve them.  I had an everlasting impact on their lives and the lives of their family members.  I cared for them as if they were my own and I knew that I needed to reach more students than just those in my classroom.  Because of this, I enrolled in a leadership program where I received my administration license.  My experience in the classroom gave me the desire to be the leader that believes in all children.  I believe that any student can rise above any obstacle if given the proper tools and resources.  As a result of my passion to lead and have direct relationships with students, I have become a professional educator with a viable knowledge of educational administration and supervision.  I possess an invigorating yearning to foster a shared vision through collaboration with students, faculty, parents, and community members that promotes teacher and student growth.

This is my story, WHAT’S YOURS?