• Geeter K-8 School is committed to providing an educational structure focused on collaboration and impactful instruction to prepare our learners for continued academic success. Our commitment is evidenced as:


    • Are engaged in a collaborative, fun environment to reach their maximum potential
    • Take ownership
    • Demonstrate their ability to learn in a stimulating environment where mistakes are encouraged, and effort equals reward
    • Are responsible, respectful, make better choices, and are open to learning on all levels
    • Stay dedicated to the learning process



    • Provide a safe and nurturing learning environment
    • Prepare rigorous, energizing lessons to serve the whole student (physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially)
    • Share and implement best practices
    • Ensure a fun and stimulating environment where students are met at their learning levels and have the opportunity to grow and reach their maximum potential



    • Provides clear expectations to engage and serve the whole child’s growth into a productive citizen
    • Accepts the responsibility of being the anchor of the community
    • Utilizes a shared leadership team that provides high expectations for all stakeholders
    • Provides growth for all stakeholders involved through professional learning communities
    • Maintains a safe and orderly environment to promote the educational process



    • Expose students to opportunities in the community to bridge cultural gaps
    • Are open to the diversity of learning in the school
    • Support the school and students by being active participants in school-wide activities as well as the teaching and learning process.