Dr. Tarcia Parrish



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Dr. Tarcia Parrish

"I'm not the only leader in the building. We have teacher leaders, we have advisors, we have a whole support staff that comes together and makes school happen every day."

Here at Kingsbury Middle, we try to make our school a positive environment where students can be themselves but also understand that structure is necessary. We give students permission to be creative but also be kind. It's very important for us to have teachers who are caring and concerned about our students, who are going to push them to learn as much as possible but also help them along the way. We're building a climate and culture that's conducive to learning, where every student has the opportunity to grow.

Here at Kingsbury Middle, we're transforming hope into action. Join us in transforming the lives of our students and guiding them toward success in school and in life.

Dr. Tarcia Parrish has been the principal at Kingsbury Middle School for 5 years and was an assistant principal in the district for 11 years prior to leading our school.