•  Fight Free Vision Student Incentives 23-24





    As a school we will strive to maintain a safe and orderly environment at Gordon K8 Achievement Academy. We are competitive in everything that we do whether it is academically or socially. We are a Quadruple A +Plus 1 (Academics, Attendance, Achievement, Attitude, plus Alternatives) school, where we develop humility and pride. The following are incentives strive to complete fight free for 180 Days:


    • 20 Days                NFL or College Jersey Day
    • 40 Days                Dripped Out Day
    • 60 Days                Dress Like a Teacher Day
    • 80 Days                Twin or Tacky Day
    • 100 Days              Professional Dress Up Day
    • 120 Days              Camouflage or Cartoon Day
    • 140 Days              All White or All Black Out Day
    • 160 Days              Hotwings/Pizza Day & Dress Down
    • 180 Days              Outside Extravaganza Day


    *The Administration reserves the right to make any necessary accommodations to certain apparel/ clothing/ footwear to prevent distractions from the educational setting.