• Clue

    CLUE (Creative Learning in a Unique Environment) is an education program designed to meet the needs of academically talented and gifted students in the Shelby County Schools. The curriculum incorporates both group and individual strategies focusing on creative thinking, critical thinking, communication, leadership, group dynamics, and problem solving. CLUE currently serves preschool, primary, intermediate, middle, and high school students. Placement is based on individual assessment. Questions regarding CLUE services may be addressed to the local school's CLUE teacher or guidance counselor, or to the Department of Exceptional Children.

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the gifted and academically talented program is to provide a nurturing, accepting environment where the unique intellectual, creative, social and emotional needs of gifted and talented students are fulfilled. Meeting these needs can best be accomplished through an individualized differentiated curriculum and an environment specifically with intellectual peers, both of which will enable gifted and talented students to develop their potential and participate effectively in society as citizens and leaders.