• Mission

    At Whitehaven Elementary STEM School, our assignment is to engage, educate, and empower every student every day. Delivering a world-class education by promoting positive relationships, we strive to have our students, parents, teachers, and community members actively involved in our students’ learning. We are ensuring college and career readiness for the next generation of innovators.
    STEM is fully embedded within the mission and vision we live by at WESS. Each classroom equips all innovators with access to modern technology that sets students up for success in STEM. Students engage daily with interactive SmartBoards, iPads, laptops, and robotics equipment. Interactive boards and posters line the hallways, motivating and educating students about the opportunities and skills available to them. Each morning, through our broadcast club’s morning announcements, students are exposed to STEM terminology and heroes in STEM careers. Each quarter we host events to extend our STEM immersion to families and our community. STEM goes beyond our mission and vision at WESS; STEM is our culture. 


    Whitehaven Elementary STEM School aspires to provide our students with innovative tools and modern features, taking creative learning to the next level, promoting high achievement, creativity, and cooperative learning through a unique and integrated learning experience in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math that will generate college and career-ready students.