• KHS DRESS CODE 2023-2024

    Proper attire and grooming are deemed important to scholastic and orderliness. The responsibility for the appearance of the students begins with the parents and the students themselves. Students’ clothing, make-up, and hairstyle should reflect neatness, cleanliness, and self-respect so that the school is a desirable place in which to promote learning and character development.

    It is virtually impossible to formulate a set of regulations that adequately cover every detail of proper grooming. Violations of the Dress Code will be dealt with in accordance with the Shelby County Schools Code of Discipline. It will be treated as insubordination and will be handled as stated in the Code of Discipline of Shelby County Schools.

    ● Footwear is required and must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor physical activity. Flip flops, slides, CROCS, fuzzy slippers, and house shoes are NOT permitted. Sandals must have a strap around the back.

    ● Shirts, blouses, and dresses must have sleeves and must completely cover the abdomen, back, and shoulders. Shirts or tops must cover the waistband of pants, shorts, or skirts with no midriff visible. Low-cut blouses, shirts, or tops, or extremely tight tops, tube tops, or any top that exposes cleavage are prohibited. Shirts, blouses, and tops must be no longer than wrist-length. Crop tops and off the shoulder shirts must not be worn. Muscle shirts and tank tops will not be acceptable even with a jacket or hoodie only. These items must be worn with a shirt covering them.

    ● Shorts should be walking shorts or Bermuda shorts. Students may wear walking shorts or Bermuda shorts that are no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee. They should NOT be excessively tight or baggy. Athletic shorts are not permitted unless they are a part of an approved gym class or athletic class activity.

    ● Pants (no tights, leggings, spandex material bottom, etc.) must be worn at the waist,(no sagging) be an appropriate length, and be appropriately sized without holes, rips or tears that reveal skin or undergarments.


    ● Head apparel (such as hoods, hats, bandanas, scarves, etc.) must NOT be worn inside the school building, except for religious or medical reasons (see Individual Exemptions from Certain Dress Code Requirements or from Standardized Dress/Uniforms).

    ● Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.

    ● Clothing and accessories such as backpacks, patches, jewelry, and notebooks must not display (1) racial, ethnic, or gender and sexual slurs/symbols; (2) gang affiliations; (3) vulgar, subversive, or sexually suggestive language or images; nor promote inappropriate and/or illegal products such as alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.

    ● Prohibited items include: (1) large, long and/or heavy chains; (2) studded or chained accessories; (3) sunglasses, except for health purposes; (4) sleepwear, pajamas, slippers, and/or blankets; (5) skin-tight outer materials such as spandex or leggings.

    ● Clear backpacks are the only bags permitted to be carried.


    ● The principal or his/her designee has the discretion to make all decisions on their campus. The principal is responsible for developing and publishing any other rules and regulations concerning student attire at school or school-related activities.


    *Repetitive violations of the KHS Dress Code will result in disciplinary actions.