• Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math


    Cummings School is a Math Focused Optional School. We have combined this focus through partnerships with the Building Box & Code Crew 901 to reach and teach our middle school scholars. The Building Box Coding S.T.E.M. Program involves coding, robotics, basically a S.T.E.M. "dojo" in a box. "Building Box is a social enterprise that converts shipping containers into prefabricated tech workshops for schools, libraries, and pop up parks. It is a one-stop solution and the quickest means to provide your community with the training environment needed for tomorrow’s technology-driven economy."


    To see what's going on in our elementary S.T.E.M. classes:

    The S.T.E.M. Playground


    To find out more information about the middle school S.T.E.M. program, please visit:

    Code Crew



    Urban STEM Scholarship Program - 2021 Application Now Live!
    We are pleased to share that the UofM's Urban STEM Scholars program is once again recruiting a new cohort of scholars! Students who will graduate this year, plan to major in mathematics or engineering, and attend the University of Memphis should check out the attached flyer or our website for more details! https://www.memphis.edu/urbanstem/future_scholars/index.php