• Our Enriched Academics Optional program, is based on high expectations for academic excellence through Art and Stem competencies. We cultivate our diversity and support students to prepare for college and career readiness. 

    Learning in Optional classes is enriched by:

    • Faster paced, higher level instruction and enrichment to best meet the needs of students who are academically advanced
    • CLUE gifted program available for eligible students in all grades
    • STEM opportunities, including hands-on learning in a weekly STEM Lab class with a specialist teacher, 
    • Academic awards and competitions
    • Caring and dedicated teachers who nurture curiosity and creativity, and support both academic and emotional growth of students
    • Strong partnerships with families, including multiple family activities throughout the school year such as Family Reading Night and Family Math & Science Night
    • Enriching experiences in special skills classes including art, music, PE, library, computer, and science lab
    • Partnership with Dixon Galley and Garden exposes our students to world class art lessons. 
    • Willow Oaks chrous, stings orchestra, students ambassdors

    Entrance Requirements

    • First and second grade students must take the Optional Schools admittance tests, scoring at or above the 60th percentile.
    • First grade applicants must have satifactory skills and behaviors and acheive mastery in academic and support subjects on the most recent Kindergarten report card. 
    • Second- fifth grade applicants must have a semster or final report card grade of a C or better in all academic subjects, with an E, G, S in conduct and support subjects. 
    • All applicants must have satisfactory conduct and attendance, including promptness to school, with no more than a total of 15 absences, tardies and/or early dismissals fot he school year 
    • To remain in the Optional Program, students must maintain the entrance requirements for grades, conduct, skills, behavior, and attendance. 

          For more information please contact: Jana Blount @ blountj@scsk12.org