Our Vision

  • Cordova Middle Optional School strives to be a premier optional school within Shelby County that attracts a diverse student population of high level learners who are adequately developed to become College and Career Ready through instruction by highly effective teachers who exude an efficacious spirit resulting in our school being the key to pride, academics, and well-rounded students.

Our Mission

  • Cordova Middle Optional School provides a safe and challenging climate that enables all learners to experience high quality instruction by fostering collaborative interactions with each other and among all teachers who use research based instructional strategies to ensure all learners are College and Career Ready.


    • A love for children and a belief in their abilities inspire high expectations and a passion for teaching and learning.
    • Student self-assessment and goal setting is imperative for all students to become confident, self-motivated, and life-long learners.
    • Student learning is the chief priority of our school and the primary focus of all educational decisions.
    • A safe and supportive environment allows students to take risks while encouraging creativity, exploration, and achievement.
    • Involvement of the family, community, and other stakeholders in shared decision- making is critical for educational success.
    • A culturally diverse student body broadens awareness and respect for people of different backgrounds, and increases appreciation for dissimilar thinking.