• Our Mission is to provide a safe and peaceful academic environment in which our students will develop a lifelong desire for learning in order to become productive citizens in our technologically progressive and diverse world.

    Our Vision is that Shady Grove Elementary School will be an exemplary, student-focused educational community that has an outstanding staff, meaningful programs, and a nurturing environment where excellence is achieved, a good character is exhibited and high expectations are fostered.

    Shady Grove is committed to providing a safe, peaceful, academic atmosphere. This commitment is favorable to building a clear purpose for lifelong love of learning, so that each student can become a productive citizen in our rapidly changing world. This will be achieved by aligning policies and procedures to maintain a focus on achieving Shady Grove’s goals for optimal student learning.


    Our Beliefs:

    • Research-based academics are related to real-life experiences within a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment, challenging students to achieve academic excellence and become lifelong learners and peacemakers.
    • Multi-cultural experiences encourage lasting interpersonal relationships, as well as respect for diversity.
    • Teachers provide an integrated curriculum with varied assessments which allows each student to be accountable as well as to experience multiple successes.
    • Participation in decision-making and problem-solving promotes the development of responsible citizens.
    • Physical activities and an understanding of lifetime wellness will be achieved in a safe and secure environment.
    • Parents, staff and other stakeholders play an active role in the students’ school experience.
    • The school community listens to student input and promotes student leadership through recognition of creative abilities.
    • Technology is embedded in the curriculum to assure the future success of our students.